Pinnacle Investment conclave & Expo

AIC-Pinnacle is hosting Pinnacle Investment Conclave  & Expo 2024 in Pune on 16 February 2024.

The AIC Pinnacle Investment Conclave is a highly anticipated event that brings together industry leaders, investors and Startups. This platform allows startups to present their business ideas, products, or services to potential investors through dynamic pitch sessions, paving the way for funding opportunities. Organized by the prestigious AIC (Atal Incubation Centre) Pinnacle, the conclave aims to provide a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and fostering collaboration.

AIC Pinnacle proudly welcomes three national-level leading funding agencies – Indian Angel Network (IAN), JITO, and Arthayan, to our platform. This convergence of innovative ideas and strategic investments is set to strengthen our ecosystem.

Explore funding opportunities in sectors like Renewable Energy, Social Entrepreneurship, EV/Automobiles, Agri/Food, IT/IOT & Automation, Construction Technology, and Manufacturing/Engineering at the Pinnacle Investment Conclave.

Startup Exhibition: Expo is our endeavor to ignite ground breaking start-ups, and innovative ideas, facilitate their transformation into feasible, pragmatic, and actionable solutions, and provide visionaries with a platform and visibility they need to claim the recognition

they rightfully deserve.This event serves as an excellent opportunity for networking, collaboration, and witnessing innovation in various fields.

Don’t miss the chance to network with key stakeholders and pave the way for your startup’s success!