AIC-Pinnacle has developed programs to support and promote entrepreneurial spirit in our students, the future of our country and the creators of new economy. Unlocking the vast potential of the students and lightning the path of their entrepreneurial journey is the goal of academic initiatives. Some of the programs we have are:
  • Startup Bootcamps
  • Hackathon
  • Ideation workshops
  • Entrepreneur-on-campus
  • Startup training and certification programs
  • Join our network of aspiring student entrepreneurs and leverage the community benefits

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Funded Start-up

Advisory Services Marketing alignment, organizational structuring, and fund-raising, we can help you in all that

Start-ups can utilize our expert services to enhance and align their strategies in dynamic external markets, ensure that their organizational structures, systems, and processes are enabled to scale, and use our services of fund-raising prowess, due-diligence, term-sheet structuring, valuation, and negotiation to ensure that right amount of funds are raised from the right investors and the right valuation

Back-Office We reduce your costs and improve your productivity

Funded start-ups looking to streamline their operations and focus on core business can utilize our Startup Back-Office Suite by letting us manage their website management, online marketing, financial management and record keeping. Thereby reducing the cost and increasing efficiency in time-utilization

Corporate / MSME

AIC-Pinnacle’s interventionist, targeted, out-come focused approach allows MSMEs to identify strategic pitfalls, solve operational bottlenecks, and reengineer financial health. Workshops and boot-camps for innovation management, design thinking, effective leadership, and industry specific technical workshops can improve employee morale, skills, and productivity. Some of the offerings are:
  • MSME Accelerator – structured program to enable rapid scaling
  • IP Facilitation Centre – We assist in evaluating your intellectual property and help you protect it
  • Make in India Centre – We support feasibility study and development of small range of manufacturing-enabling import-substituting engineered products
  • MSME CEO Network
  • MSME Advisory Services – Strategic alignment, operational enhancement, and financial engineering services
  • MSME Virtual Back-office – You can reduce your cost and improve the quality of functions, and enhance your bottom line by letting us manage your digital marketing, online presence, staffing, and financial record keeping through our Virtual Back-office suitee
  • Coworking – We provide plug-n-play space for your employees on the innovation frontier

Are you an MSME CEO wondering how to improve your organizational bottom line? Are you concerned about strategic misalignment? Or operational inefficiencies? Or financial balance sheet weakness? Rest assured you are not alone!

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International Programs

This program is built to maximize the impact of value by enabling collaboration and cross-border residency of startups between India and our partners in US and Israel. AIC-Pinnacle’s network of partnerships with innovators, investors, incubators, academic institutions, government grant agencies, and corporates, allows it to support the entrepreneurs in terms of:
  • Funding
  • Technology development
  • Team-building
  • Customer acquisition
  • Market entry
  • Infrastructure and resources during residency in India

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CSR Programs

As a not-for-profit incubator, registered as a Section 8 company, AIC-Pinnacle works with various government bodies and corporates to support inclusive and sustainable development of India. To meet the corporate guidelines for the utilization of CSR funds, AIC-Pinnacle develops and implements various programs such as:
  • Skill enhancement
  • Women empowerment
  • Rural development
  • Social innovation creation
  • Energy and environment sustainability
  • UN Sustainable development goals

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