Seed Fund

AIC-Pinnacle Venture makes seed funds available to early stage start-ups either from its captive funds or from the network of funding sources. Funding is provided via convertible note or equity investment. investment rounds. The fund is industry agnostic but the preference is given to start-ups developing disruptive solutions in the smart-product category. In terms of investment stage, the fund focuses on investing in seed and pre-series A. Incubate companies are eligible to receive the funding support but the process and the criteria for investment are driven by the attractiveness of the investment opportunity.

What is the typical investment size per company?

Investment amount depends on the total ask of the company. However, maximum of 1/3 of total allocation for each company is invested in first funding tranche. Maximum invested at the seed and pre-series A round would be INR 25 lakh from the in-house fund with the potential to raise upto INR 1 crore from the syndicated sources.

Frequently Asked Questions
What industries does AIC-Pinnacle Ventures invests in?
At seed level, the investment is sector agnostic. However, given our core competencies and mandate, the preference is given to start-ups developing solutions in Smart Mobility, Agri-tech, Smart-city, and Construction-tech sectors.
What are the investment criteria?
Highly scalable business model with large market size, strong intellectual property/barriers to entry, some customer traction, and rapid growth rate in revenue or customer acquisition are some of the basic criteria. However, each investment opportunity is unique and holistic approach is utilized to evaluate the return potential of any given investment opportunity.
What are the benefits of having AIC-Pinnacle Ventures as an investor?
Corporate connect – integrated incubation and investment platform allows the start-ups to gain access to cost-controlling, technical mentoring, and scale-up opportunities efficiently. By leveraging the incubation platform resources, the start-ups can gain access to large number of corporate partners to develop their products, market-test their products, and build network of relationships for deployment of their products with the corporate partners

Strong VC network – the large network of investors including angels, early stage VCs, family offices and HNIs, and strategic corporate VC funds provides multiple options and pathways for start-ups to seek and secure scale-up funding

In-house R&D resources and technical mentors – since AIC-Pinnacle Ventures is backed by Pinnacle Industries, with 5 group companies and more than 30000 employees across 4 countries, there are great opportunities for start-ups to leverage the technical experts, manufacturing facilities, and network of business resources and relationships scale their business

Strategic investor with follow-on capital allocation.

Startup community – through the incubation platform, the network of relationships developed with the investors, mentors, service providers, corporate, government agencies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators, can be leveraged by the portfolio companies to scale their business.

How can a startup apply for funding?
Fill the linked google form and submit the investment deck at