Interactive discussion on startup valuation techniques (DCF, VC method & more)

What do investors see in your company? Product? Team? Traction?

What type of companies do investors like? Cash burning to gain market or Cash making in a small market?

Determining the valuation of a company before it has revenues is actually pretty difficult. Unlike valuing companies with revenues, assets and longer track records there is no agreed upon standards for startups. Since most startups have little-to-no history, revenue and earnings, there isn’t much information to analyze or plug into a spreadsheet. To close this gap, angels can look for clues from similar startup deals in the same region and industry.

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Date: 6 April 2019

Time: 11.00 AM

Venue: 9th Floor, Panchshil Tech Park One, Near Pride Hotel Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411005

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