Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC)

About Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC)

AIC-Pinnacle IPFC offers a large IP facilitation centre for Start-ups and MSMEs to

promote awareness and adoption of intellectual property rights among entrepreneurs

and MSMEs in India, while providing high-quality IP services and resources, and

supporting impactful start-ups and MSMEs that generate economic wealth and support

integrative and overall technical, socio-economic development. This is a unique virtual

IP facility that will be cloud-based and allow community creation, collaboration,

commercialization, and development. The platform will be a repository of knowledge,

as well as a tool for monitoring, measuring, and reporting the results of various

initiatives in the field of intellectual property rights for stakeholders.

Our Services

IP Facilitation Centre


Pre-filing, Drafting specifications & Grant


Conducting trademark search, Filing a trademark application, Replying to the examination, Publication & Registration


Guidance and assistance in design application preparation, Filing application, Replying to the examination report & Registration