Arcatron Mobility

Arcatron’s mission is to advance global standards of assisted living and make it dignified and safer. Arcatron is building the next generation of wheel-chairs to enhance lives of people with limited mobility and elderly care needs.

Arago Electric

Developing unique EV power train and management system

Road Bounce

Developing road condition evaluation engine that sources data from Smartphone sensors.


They have developed a simple, intuitive, and effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for logistics industry.


Developing innovative wheel for 2-wheelers with multi-axial suspension that
Increases damping efficiency and decreases accidental damage.


Autogrid Mobility: Developing Smart Mobility Development Platform

Adivid Technologies Pvt Ltd

Third I platform is to provide real time information of crimes/incidents and enable police administration make informed and intelligent decision.

Driveshaft Motors  Pvt. Ltd

One stop Soution  – consultation, enquiry, booking, documentation and delivery. ( Online platform to BUY NEW Cars & Motorcycles)

Fountlab Solutions Pvt. Ltd

IOT in Energy Management for smart Infra.


All type of Digital Marketing Services